100_0567Duck Trace (formerly Burton Farm) resides in the heart of the Antebellum Capitol of Tennessee… Maury County.  We are just 1 hour south of Nashville, Tennessee… Music City USA. The farm is 10 minutes west of Columbia, adjacent to Forever Hill, and just a stone’s throw from historic Liberty Hall, Lipscomb Place, Vine Hill, Skipwith Harlan Hill, The Natchez Trace, and Leiper’s Fork.

Our 95 acre farm gives us the ultimate feeling of freedom from the hustle of 21st century living.  Its peace and serenity take us back to a time when good land and a strong back were what sustained a family and a community.

Duck Trace is our home away from home where we plant ourselves for the future so that we can be ever reminded of the past.  God has blessed us with the means to acquire this farm and we pray we will use it to glorify Him and provide much joy and happiness to family and friends for generations to come.

Farm Living
an essay by Kelry Burton, Age 12, 2010

100_0578Living in the country is better than living in the city.  The country is a fun and quiet place to live.  The city is loud and noisy.  The country is full of nature and not made up of skyscrapers.  Country living is better than living in the city because it is more beautiful, less crowded, and more enjoyable.

First of all, the country is a beautiful place to live.  There are many different kinds of birds and flowers.  There are trees everywhere that change colors with the seasons.  The sunset at the end of every day is a glorious sight.  The way that the country is not very affected by the city makes it beautiful.

Next, the country has fewer people than the city.  Since many people live on large farms, people do not live close to each other.  Because large farms are made up of many acres, people do not live door-to-door like they do in subdivisions in the city.  Even though people live further away from each other, they are often better friends and neighbors than in the city.  A friendly wave and a smile are more often seen in the country than in the city.

Finally, country living is very enjoyable.  The air is clean and fresh.  Many outdoor activities are available that are not in the city.  The food is fresher and better tasting because there are many local farmers.  A day in the country is much less stressful than a day in the city.

Living in the country is more beautiful, less crowded, and more enjoyable than city living.  The way nature is shown in the country makes it beautiful.  Fewer people live in the country because many people own large farms which take up a lot of space.  Country living is more enjoyable than living in the city because life is easier and relaxing.  There is nothing like living in the country.