Welcome to our homestead.  Here we document our journey of moving from the city to the country… from urban to rural… from chaos to peace and quiet. In 2010 we started purchasing farmland in Maury County, Tennessee, with the hope of eventually settling down and building our dream farmhouse.

Our Farmhouse

The search for the ideal design is ongoing and has lots of ups and downs. The Tideland Haven home design from Our Town Plans is the one has drawn most of our attention and seems to have all the qualities we are looking for.  Here is a printable PDF of the home and here is the designer on Facebook.  Thanks to Terry and Sammy we get to see an example of this home in its various stages of construction.

From Our Town’s Facebook page, I love this new garage that has been made to look like an old barn.

Our collection of homesteading images on Pinterest

A nice gallery of farmhouse interior design ideas